The day is here!

Just a few short hours until the 4th on 53rd starts! We’re pumped! How about you?

I’m happy to announce that ElevatEd Spaces has stepped up to sell beverages and chips at the picnic today! They are a new education non-profit that was recently awarded a $5000 Surge Institute Grant for their work.

We are additionally still expecting Shoesmith elementary to be selling sno-cones to raise funds for their school.

Free popcorn from the University of Chicago Police department.

And a taco vendor was found for the food court!

Thanks to all of our community for rallying together to make another wonderful 4th on 53rd! We can’t do it without your love and support!

Festival Announcement

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we have learned today that our primary food vendors for the picnic will not be able to serve food. We are disappointed as this has been a great addition to the event in the past. We tried to come up with a replacement option this morning, but unfortunately at this late date it was not possible. We still expect to have sno-cones, popcorn, and possibly some other small items available. We are also working to find an organization to provide sealed beverages at the picnic site for a donation, if anyone is involved in a non-profit that would like to fundraise tomorrow.

All other activities are on still on schedule and expected to run as normal.

We encourage those planning to attend the Picnic and Parade to either pack a lunch or consider visiting our many sponsors and businesses that will be open tomorrow along 53rd Street.

We apologize greatly for any inconvenience this causes individuals and will work hard to make sure that food and beverages are readily available at future picnics.


The 4th on 53rd Committee